Friday, November 4, 2016

what middle schoolers think of the election

  • who influences your thought process most? for me my parents influence my opinion because they are much more wise than me and i've always had a similar opinion.
  • where do you get your news? most of where i get my news is from the internet and snapchat, previously i have read the newspaper on the election and have been very surprised.
  • what is one of the most pressing issues that you see? i've seen issues of many things such as abuse, world hunger, and homelessness 
Staff Writer Elaine Wilson

Multi Sport Mixup

A football player hitting a baseball into a golf hole with a tennis raquet. 

To celebrate he yells "GOAL!"

Staff Cartoonist Chris P. Bacon

Lets Talk about Those Cubs One More Time

Lets  talk about the cubs.

The one team that hasn't won in like what 108 years. Well they finally did, they won their world champs and their on the bored with 3 world series tittles.Were catching up with the cardinals.Just want to grandpa Ross and everyone on the team for making this possible. And let me just say this, We Don't Suck Anymore.

Staff Writer Cameron Hernandez